We are now a WVSA & Bespoke Weddings accredited supplier!!

We mentioned in our last post that there was more exciting news to come from Backlash Photography.... Well here is our next instalment. Last week we were selected by the Wedding Venues and Suppliers Association(WVSA) & Bespoke Weddings & Events to become an accredited wedding supplier. I am absolutely thrilled to announce that we are now on board with them and will be working to supply our wedding photography services to their clients. This is yet again another milestone for us and I am very excited to see what else the future holds for Backlash Photography.

If you don't know much about the WVSA & Bespoke Weddings then go and check them out. If you are engaged and looking for a venue and suppliers you can do in with a chance to win your venue or even your whole wedding!!! You will find them at https://bespoke-weddings.com/

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