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Baby's & New Born Shoot

From the moment they open their eyes our children become the most special thing in our lives. They grow up so fast though and if you even blink you miss a special moment in their life. So it's never to early to start creating the memories of them that you can pick up and look at time and time again. At Backlash Photography we understand this and that is why we offer a photographic service that can capture any moment of their lives from the first week of birth onward. If its a studio shoot you are after or a relaxed home shoot we can cater for both comfortably allowing you the results that you want.

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Before you know it our once little babies are now walking, talking and on the way to becoming mini versions of us. They will never cease to amaze us with the things they do and say. They are now into a stage of life that holds many funny moments, smiles, laughs, tears and much more. These make for some amazing pictures and photographs that will bring back a smile every time you pick it up. We provide a flexible service that aims to capture the children in all these moments. Whether you are after some photos of the children at play, exploring the natural world or simply the four walls of our studio we offer a flexible, fun and relaxed service.

Kids Shoot

When people think of a family photo they usually think of the normal studio style concept. Of course, if this is what you want then its easily achievable, but what if this is not what you are looking for.  At Backlash Photography we recognise that not every family shoot has to conform to this and that's why we offer a service that can cater for not only the normal studio style but a service that can take us outdoors and even on a little adventure. We are strong believers in capturing a little bit of life in a photograph; so whether its a family walk, playing with the kids at the park or simply messing around in the garden, we will join you. Photographing your family in these natural situations allows us to capture not just pictures; but also the fun, laughter, smiles and emotions that go with each one. I think we'll all agree that the best pictures are captured the moment you start to forget that there is a camera around. Wherever you chose to go, whatever you chose to do be sure that we'll be happy to join you and provide you with a special set of memories from that day.

Family Shoot

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There is a time in all of our lives when we find that special person. The person that sends tingles down your back, gives you that warm flutter inside, picks you up every time you are down and the person that your heart belongs to. From the first time you meet you start to make those special moments that stay in your mind and every time you think back to them they bring a smile to your face. As well as the memories why not add something into your relationship that you can physically look at. We provide a catered photographic service that not only captures the photos but the love and passion between you and your partner. Choose from a location-based shoot to capture your love in natural surroundings or a studio style shoot to focus solely on you and your partner. It's your relationship, your day and your memories so we work with you to leave you with a set of photos that tells the story of your love.

Couple Shoot


From the day you find out you're pregnant your life is about to change and so is your body. But these changes are some of the most magical and rewarding changes that will happen to you. Photography is a brilliant way to remember your journey to motherhood and capture the beauty and glow of your pregnancy. Choose from a variety of styles such as standard clothed, semi-nude, artistic nude, creative or mix it up in whichever way you like. Why not bring along your scan pictures, your other children or those first baby items that you have bought. Whatever you choose to bring we will use it in the best way to capture a set of truly memorable photos and of course partners are openly welcome to come along to the shoot and get involved. We recommend booking your shoot from 30 weeks onwards but be sure to not leave it too late into your pregnancy as when your baby is ready to enter the big wide world you don't really get a choice. As part of your pregnancy shoot, we offer you the chance to come in once a month for roughly 10 minutes until the baby is born so that we can create a timeline of your pregnancy.

Bump / Pregnancy Shoot

Pregnant Lady holding scan photo

Portrait photos are a brilliant way to capture the real you. Whether you are after a set of natural looking photos, a start to your modelling portfolio or just a session to build your confidence in front of the camera you can look to us to provide the service you want. Choosing from a studio based shoot, a location-based shoot or even a mixture of the two we will make your experience fun, enjoyable and relaxing. Whether you are a little shy, self-conscious or overconfident we have techniques and skills to ensure that you get the best results. We welcome any ideas, requests or direction from you to shape the shoot as to make it your own.

Portrait Shoot

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Event Coverage

Whether it's a birthday party, a family celebration, an anniversary or your band playing their first gig night you can rely on us to cover the event for you. We will travel to your event and provide you with photographic coverage working to your requests. We understand that every event we attend is as important as the next and endeavour to get the widest range of photos possible from the night. Before the event we like to do a little research into it and depending on the venue and occasion may visit the location beforehand just get an idea of the layout and the best angles to get those all important shots from. All shots from the event will be supplied to you on a disk for the minimal fee of £20 which covers any editing work and touch-ups needed. We will supply you with a letter granting you permission to have prints produced via your chosen printing laboratory, share the photos on social media and any other non-commercial or non-profit use. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Lead singer and guitarist of The Clock Tower

We understand the importance of advertising and publicity in business and at all good advertising, there is always at least one picture. Our commercial and business services cover all of your business needs whatever the project or occasion. Whether you need PR coverage, a set of new images for your website, coverage of a specific event or even just a staff do you can call on us. We have already worked in conjunction with a selection of local businesses in Shropshire including Sports Car Hire and Monster Beds. We offer a free pre-consultation session before every event so we can gauge exactly what you want from your images. For more information please get in touch with us.

Commercial & Business Photography


Do you have a motor that is your pride and joy, that you drum all your hard earned money into or simply all your time and effort keeping it looking its best. Well, then why not add to that by having a set of beautifully finished images to go with it and remember it by. We offer a wide range of automotive photographic services to suit every need. We will travel to capture your motor in a beautiful location shoot too so if you have a favourite place in mind then we'll come along for the ride and photograph your car there. We also offer a budget service to capture images of your motor if you are selling it and aren't too handy with a camera, or if you just need to add a bit of impact to your sale listing.


Do you love to modify your car?? Are you sick of buying new parts and mods for it without knowing what they will look like? Then we can help, get in contact to find out about our photoshop mod service where we put the parts on your car digitally first so your know if you are spending your money wisely or not.

Automotive Shoot

Ford Fiesta Under A Beautiful Sunset

Possibly the biggest day of your life is ahead, the car is booked, the venue is booked but there is still so much more to do. Looking for a photographer for your big day can be a task in itself and picking the right person is a must. We understand that every wedding is different, people have different expectations and needs and that's why we will meet you straight away to discuss your big day. From the moment you book us, we are on board and our aim is to gather all the information necessary to take the weight off your shoulders as for photographic services. We don't just meet you once before the big day, we will meet you and work with you as much as you want to ensure that you get exactly what you want on your wedding day. Alongside that, we offer our engagement shoot service as an add on so you can start your story straight away. For a lot more information, prices, options and much more get in contact with us. 

Wedding Photography

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