Comany lead photographer

My name is Matthew Everington, I'm a freelance photographer based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I took up photography in 2010 when I bought my first camera; since then I have studied the art in many different ways from college courses to online tuition. I am always keen to expand my skills further and I spend a lot of time researching new and ever-changing techniques that I can apply to my own work.


Photography has always been an interest of mine right from a young age. It excited me the thought of being able to have the ability to capture a moment in time that can

Matthew Everington

Owner / Lead Photographer Of Backlash Photography

Creativity, feeling, passion, vision...... There are so many words that can be used to describe photography. The art itself is to not just take a photograph, but to record and capture a moment in time that can be kept forever. Understanding this is the most important part of a photographer. At Backlash Photography understanding this is key to our business and to giving each customer a memory that they will look back on time and time again. We strive to provide a professional, friendly and quality service that is second to none.

be kept and looked back upon like a memory. Everywhere you look there are scenes and moments that a person has captured. Whether it be for the purpose of advertising, documenting or simply capturing those special moments so that they be preserved for a lifetime, photography is an essential part of life. This was my passion and drive behind starting Backlash Photography, it allows me to provide people with photos that will make up part of their past.


Since becoming a father in 2008 I realised the importance of keeping memories in a physical format. Kids grow up so fast, years seem to pass by in months and sometimes it's easy to forget the simple moments. My kids have always been a central part of my photography and will always continue to be so that I can look back in years to come and remember all the same stuff.


Life passes by in the blink of an eye, but with every photo, you take it allows you to relive your life at any point in time.